Mother’s Day with Rebecca, Rocky and Ruby

Somewhat Insta famous and an epic mum to Rocky and Ruby, this week we hung out with Rebecca Keil and her adorable duo. A few tears and a whole lot of fun, we sat down to chat about all things fashion and the rollercoaster reality of motherhood.


Rebecca wears: Superette Faux Fur Jacket, Bassike Heritage Crew T Shirt, Ksubi Spray On Jean, Vans Court

What does Mother’s Day mean to you? Mother’s Day is my day where I don’t have to wipe noses or change nappies, I definitely get to sleep in and Jared writes a cute card from the kids. Maybe not inspirational but that’s what it’s all about for me right there. I feel like I should say something like “I just want to spend the day with my children because they are the ones that made me a Mum,” – but let’s be honest, the perfect day for any mum is a break from her offspring.

What do you love about your mum the most and how would you describe her?
Rocky: Friend

Rebecca: He also described me as being Rocky, which is quite fitting because he is such a Mummy’s boy and he would probably happily just climb back into the old womb and be one with me forever

What’s your favourite thing you get to do with mum? 
Ruby: *grunts and smiles*
Rocky: She takes me to McDonald’s and I get chips, chicken nuggets and a juice, I play on the playground forever.


How would you describe your parenting style? Relaxed? Lazy? No, but seriously it’s very low key I am all about just having a good time. We have a messy house and I’m ok with that, I am all about just going with it. Rocky cooks/bakes with me almost daily, and this will normally consist of him cracking an egg and missing the bowl and the egg just sliding on down the cupboard onto the floor. This would kill some people, but hey he’s learning – and I’ll tell you what he’s a pretty dope ass egg cracker these days. I want to give the kids experiences so we just try to make the most of every day but we 100% have terrible parenting days as well. You know when they wake up too early, and everything has turned to shit and you just want to start the day over, but you have two kids and they don’t care. So you just soldier on with your no-sleep-body and let them watch Netflix all day whilst eating brownie, yep we have those days too.


Ruby wears: Little Kids Big City Long Sleeve Tee and Trackpant, Pretty Brave Hi-Top, Huxbaby Minimalist Fleece Sweat

What’s the best parenting advice you’ve ever been given? That it’s normal to feel overwhelmed sometimes! Mums all over the world feel like they are failing because of the pressure society puts on us. We need to have more raw and open discussions, instead of setting mums up for failure.

What is the best style advice you’ve ever been given? Always try it on, my mum always made me try stuff on when I was younger because half the time you fall in love with something and then put it on and it’s nothing like what you thought it would look like, always try it on or make sure you can return it if buying online.

If you had to describe your style in 5 words, what would they be? Fun, Mumsie, basic, cool, trying ha.


Rocky wears: Little Kids Big City Bandit L/S Tee, Zuttion Leopard Diamond Trackies, Pop Factory Young Turks Jacket

Top three pieces in your wardrobe right now and why?  I just got a pair of old school black and white Vans, and I’m thrashing them. They’re such a staple – plus we all have the same pair, hello whanau twinning! 

Denim, I know that’s broad but I’m obsessed with denim, it’s literally all I’m wearing on the bottom half coming into winter it’s so easy to dress up or down with a knit or heels – being a Mama means I need things that are versatile. Oh, and my denim jacket is worn daily yo. 

 Beanie, lame I know but the cold weather has started down here in Christchurch, so when I’m doing the preschool run first thing in the morning I need to keep my ears warm. Plus if I haven’t had a chance to wash my hair in forever then my woollen hat covers that mess up.



Do Rocky and Ruby have something special planned for you this Mother’s Day? We’re going to a wedding in Auckland the Saturday before Mother’s Day and we fly back to Christchurch early Sunday morning. So I have figured out a cunning plan where we Uber home from the airport, have a wee sleep for a few hours then meet the kids and my parents for lunch. It’ll be nice because my mum is also the greatest mum in the whole land and she deserves to have her moment too.

Photography by Dan Trotter

Makeup by Blair from MAC Cosmetics

Hair by Ashley from Society

Talent: Rebecca Keil, Rocky and Ruby @rocky_and_ruby

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