Mother’s Day with Karol and Laura Hadlow

Style icons in their own right, with an understated elegance that we totally envy; we sat down with the successful mother-daughter duo Laura and Karol Hadlow, to chat all things fashion, family, and the meaning of Mother’s Day.

What does motherhood mean to you?

Karol: Motherhood means always being there for my children…loving them, guiding & supporting them. I love their company and am very proud of all their achievements. I am blessed to be a mother!

What’s the best piece of advice your mum has given you?

Laura: “Seek and you shall find” – I swear she could find a needle in a haystack!

Karol: The best piece of advice my mother gave me was to always look after myself…in health, grooming, education etc – only then can I be there for others around me.


Karol wears: Bassike Merino Wool Oversized Fishermans Rib Knit, Frame Le Skinny De Jeanne, La Tribe Penny Heel, Anine Bing Madison Handbag, Dita Magnifique 

How would you describe your relationship with your mum in 5 words?

Laura: She is my best friend.

What’s the most memorable moment you have shared together? 

Laura: When I was in high school I took drama as a subject and as part of the course, was lucky enough to visit both New York and London.  When the school asked for parent supervisors to come along, Mum didn’t take much convincing.  The trips ended up being absolutely incredible and it was really special to be able to have Mum with me.


Laura wears: Frame Satin Tank Dress, Bassike Relaxed Oversized Jacket, Anine Bing Embroidered City Kensington, Adidas Gazelle

How would you describe each other’s style and how does it compare to your own? 

Karol: Laura’s style is a mix between “classically glamorous” and “understated chic”. She has a really “good eye” and always mixes her pieces in a way that exudes a confident, comfortable style. I like to think that she gets a little of that from me and my mother (her nana). We are similar!

Laura: Mum is a lawyer, which means that her style is necessarily much more sophisticated and professional than mine, which is a lot more laid back. I love that she mixes classic items, such as well-tailored suits, with patterned shirts and more avant-garde pieces to keep her look edgy. I only have rare memories of Mum in flat shoes…she is a high-heel addict! She would’ve been best friends with Elle Woods at law school.

How often do you raid your mum’s wardrobe, has she had a big influence on your personal style? 

Laura: More often than she knows! Hehe…sorry Mum. She’s had a massive influence on my personal style and is also really supportive of my interest in fashion. Throughout my life, I have always loved watching her choose outfits and pair them with different accessories. She always values my opinion on what to buy or wear, which has given me a lot of confidence in my styling.

Can you name one piece in your wardrobe that you can’t live without?

Laura: A good pair of jeans – ones that you can put on and feel amazing in, whether you’re wearing them with a tee and sneakers or a silk singlet and high-heels. 

If you had to pick one style icon who would it be and why? 

Laura: Kate Moss. From her early days modelling right up until now, she has always appeared comfortable in her own skin, which makes everything she wears look incredible – from casual weekend wears to glamorous gowns (it helps that she is gorgeous too!). 

Karol: Gosh, I have quite a few women I admire but if I had to choose it would be Diane Keaton as I love her casual, relaxed look. It epitomises an “unfussy” style that is unique to her and which she always wears with confidence. Typically New York!!


Karol wears: Rails Kate Shirt, Rag and Bone Dre Capri Jean, Camilla and Marc Dimmer Blazer, Garment Project Ace 

What are your plans for Mothers Day this year and is there anything on the wish list? 

Laura: We’re doing a family dinner (at Amano in Britomart) and I’ve also got some presents for her.

Karol: Good health & happiness is on my Mother’s Day Wish List every Year!


Photography by Dan Trotter

Makeup by Blair from MAC Cosmetics

Hair by Ashley from Society

Talent: Karol and Laura Hadlow @laurahadlow

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