Mother’s Day with Abby, Houston & Goldie

Devoted mum to adorable siblings Goldie Grace and Houston Dax, lifestyle blogger and homemaker; we spent the afternoon with Abby Pleasted for a few tips on daily mum duties and her chic signature style. 


Goldie wears: Atelier Child Leopard Long Onesie, Pretty Brave Espadrille

Can you describe mum life in 5 words? The most rewarding job ever.

What’s an average day in the Plested household? 

Every day is so different. I guess it depends on how we are all feeling, some days we adventure out, and other days we just make a mess at home. There is always coffee involved and lots of laughter with mass amounts of screaming from all people involved, including me haha! Mostly we just hang out while Mr Plested works his butt off.


Houston wears: Bassike Mini Stripe Dot L/S T-Shirt and Mini Slouch Jersey Pant, Zuttion Diamond Sweater

How have things changed with the addition of Goldie? 

Everything’s a little bit more mad but so much more fun! Goldie is a special little soul and is soooo easy so has slotted into our family easily! However, loves attention as that’s all she has ever known. From day one she had eight people surrounding her as I brought her into this world. Then every day after that has had her brother or dog in her face. So looooves a good chat! 

The most important life lesson that you have learnt from your mum?

To know my truth in all situations and to keep trucking along even when life gets hard.

What advice would you go back and give to yourself pre-kids?  

DO NOT SETTLE for anything that’s not going to add life to your world. You deserve gold and nothing less.


Abby wears: Mother Gypsy Oversized Goodie Goodie Tee, Camilla and Marc Dimmer Blazer, Sass and Bide Brooklyn Kids Pants, The Mode Collective Harris

How would you define your personal style and has this changed since becoming a mum? 

Since becoming a mum, my style has been more mix and match chuck on anything and everything all at once (most likely because I am always rushing). Lots of layers and patterns. I am also not afraid of colours.

 Top three pieces in your wardrobe right now? 

Converse sky high shoes because they add edge to any outfit. Anine Bing Vintage Bing Tee – such a relaxed fit, so comfy and just seems to be my go-to; And my Zara silk blazer because someone said you would look like you are wearing your pyjamas when wearing it, and I kinda like that. 


Does Houston pick his own clothes in the morning? 

YES! It drives me crazy because he would kill to wear his Spiderman or Batman costumes and I’m uneasy about it! He’s always wearing something different with patterns matching, I’m all about the big boy onesies! He’s a chucks or vans type of guy.

What are your plans for mother’s day this year? 

YUM CHA with the whole fam. Always a fab time when involves food right?

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