Exclusive Zoe & Morgan x Superette

Known for creating timeless and elegant designs that simply captivate, we sat down with Zoe from Zoe & Morgan to find out what goes on behind the scenes of an exclusive Superette Collab and discussed some styling tips for these exclusive pieces. 


How long have you been working with Superette?

I met Rickie and James when I first moved back to NZ. So I guess we have been working together for 6 years now. 

What was the inspiration behind the collaborative pieces?   

What inspired me is the quote ‘ We all sleep under the same stars’. I like this from a unity perspective, and also from the notion, of dreaming up ideas whilst star gazing at night. Superette and Zoe and Morgan are both a little star struck, and so a development of our star burst pieces took shape.


Can you talk us through the process of creating a Superette exclusive? 

We dreamed up what starlight would look like, then took pencil to paper. A cad design followed, with wax prints to test drive the scale and style. Finally we made our silver samples, and set the little stones in place. The idea is to produce a limited run, so everyone who buys a pair will be a part of the ‘gang’.   

Gold or silver and studs or statement? 

I’m a gold girl, and I mix up my studs and statement earrings for everyday wear. I have never been one to conform to the rules, it feels far more fun wearing studs to an evening date and statement earrings to drop off the kids at school.


Which piece will we see you wearing and why?  

I have 2 piercing in both ears so you’ll spot me wearing both on the same day. 

Mini Boom + Boom are a perfect match.

Can we expect to see many more Superette x Zoe and Morgan pieces in the future?

We produced our first drop for Christmas, this one is touching down now – and we have one more style being released in a few weeks so stay tuned…


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