The Mother of denim.

Founded in 2010 by designers Tim Kaeding and Lela Becker, the Mother (also known as MOTHER denim) brand has arrived to Superette and is here to stay! It has been here for a short few weeks and it’s safe to say we are truly in love.MotherDenimBlog_01


Famous for their super-soft fabrics and irreverent attitude, their boutique, made-in-L.A. brand is unique for its genius for keeping an indie spirit while still offering fits and washes that appeal to a wide range of women. Co-designer Tim likes to say that Mother, a word as loaded with innuendo as it is unconditional love, goes against the grain; the brand pushes technological boundaries when it comes to that signature soft denim, and pushes brand boundaries when it comes to, for instance, naming silhouettes (think cheeky: The Charmer, The Looker).


Although denim has kept as a timeless piece in the fashion industry, we can assure you the denim from Mother is something else. The same as most things in the modern world, to keep up with the times, technology has to step in Tim says. If you’re wondering why you refuse to get out of your Mother jeans, it’s because they are made out of special weaved in fibers that are more typically used in knits. They then treat these weaves with fabric finishes — but those are a secret not to be told!


We stand for having fun, and not taking ourselves too seriously,” Lela says. What they do take seriously is staying modern and relevant amongst the best in fashion while giving women jeans they can live in, look great in and feel good in — can we get an amen!





And just as you thought the jeans were enough, their range of graphic tees are not to be missed! Made from a soft cotton fabric, these tees nail the washed out and distressed look which is not to mention, a trend we are loving right now!



Last but not least can we please take a moment to see what’s to come… Combining vintage vibes and timeless classics, Mother have mixed bomber jackets with embroidered patches, denim with faux fur and we are so excited that we can’t wait to get our hands on!


Featured in the Denizen Magazine:

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