Say Hello To On Friday

The perfect way to start the new year — by getting organised! We caught up with the team at On Friday who are the experts in getting shit done in style.

“Following a casual discussion over coffee, we discovered a huge gap in the market for a sophisticated and sleek diary that not only helps busy individuals organise their lives, but also looks fantastic and makes a statement of true style.” — On Friday. 



How would you describe the aesthetic and inspiration of your brand / new collection?

The aesthetics are very much revolved around our favourite things — monochrome, simplicity and bold font (Helvetica). We were simply after a beautiful and simple diary, which also had some style. After searching the market high and low and having zero success, we took it into our own hands and created what we visioned in our heads.

Inspired by big, beautiful coffee table books (a huge love of mine) — namely the Tom Ford book, I came up with the design for the first On Friday diary. I then teamed up with my childhood bestie — Lydia, to make the On Friday company and the rest is history.


What are your hobbies?

Design, photography, sport (cricket, tennis, snowboarding), socialising and spending as much time at the beach with friends as possible.


Describe a typical day for you.

Up early, coffee in hand and head to Lydia’s house (the temporary On Friday office while our new space is under construction). We then plan our day and get into it. The courier man comes early afternoon and picks up all the orders. Out of there late afternoon for activities which usually involves tennis and social cricket. On Friday afternoons, there will always be beers somewhere with the rest of crew.


What do you do to unwind after a busy day?

We spend all day on a laptop so getting outside and doing exercise of some sort is the best way to unwind.
Favourite food?



Favourite piece from the current On Friday collection?

My favourite will always be our diary, as this was our first creation and what we’re known for — it’s a timeless design and I can’t wait to have a bookshelf full of my old On Friday diaries in decades to come. From our newest collection, my favourite would have to be the sketch book. The paper is so nice for drawing, painting and to write on. It’s an awesome little book that can go absolutely anywhere with it’s owner.


What is one thing most people wouldn’t know about you?

My first three years of school were at a school named Pukehamoamoa. It’s out in the country 20 minutes from Hastings. There were 29 students, 99% Maori. And I had quiet a different accent to what I have now…haha.


How did the two of you meet / become business partners?

Lydia and I are family friends so we have been great friends since we were babies. Our equal passion for design, similar taste and love of creating things naturally brought us to team up together.


What is the last thing you googled?

Leonardo DiCaprio in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape.


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