Zoe & Morgan x Superette Collab

We are so excited to announce the Zoe & Morgan x Superette Capsule Celestial Collection has officially arrived in stores, online & on the Superette App! This exclusive collection encompasses the powerful yet elegant beauty of the night sky. Each of the three unique pieces are illuminated by the symbols of the moon and sparkling stars — a favourite combo of the SuperFam. The bright earrings can be worn in accord with the graceful bracelet, to remind us that we too can be luminaries ourselves and light our own skies.



First we introduce the breath taking and beautiful Sky Earrings. These are a true statement earring designed to make you feel that more special every day. Whether you’re wearing a casual outfit day to day or dressing it up at night, these earrings will take your outfit from 0 to 100. Real quick. The Sky Earrings were created to point our attention to the amazing beauty that is above us every night. As the crescent of the moon shines with the detail of the illuminated path of stars, wear these with all their shine and we can guarantee you’ll be standing out amongst the crowd. These earrings are available in handmade 925 Sterling silver and handmade 22ct Gold plated silver. They are fastened behind the ear with a post and butterfly. Check them out here.


Next up are the stunning ornate Little Moon studs. If the statement earrings ain’t your thing, here is your answer. These are a key accessory for everyday wear. So easy to wear, not too big yet not too small for them to go unnoticed. The Little Moon studs were created to remind us to enlighten others and be luminaries ourselves in our own unique way — something we believe in doing every day. The gleam of the wee stars accompanied with the moon is designed to see what is most true and real in life. Wear these with whatever you like, they are super versatile and will make a statement in their own little way. These earrings are available in handmade 925 Sterling silver and handmade 22ct Gold plated silver. They are fastened studs with a post and butterfly for a secure fit on the ear. Check them out here.


And if you thought the earrings were enough, wait till you see the stunning Goddess Bracelet to match. We are all about layering the jewels at Superette whether it’s around the neck, wrist, on the ears or fingers, we can never get enough. The Goddess Bracelet is a truly eye catching and delicate accessory for the wrist. The bracelet was designed to reflect this poise and grace that installs hope in all those looking up at the celestial sky above. If you’re a bracelet girl, add this one to your collection and watch it stand out amongst the crowd. Layer it up or wear it alone, this one is sure to make an impression! This bracelet is handmade and available in in 925 Sterling silver and 22ct Gold plated silver. Check it out here.


Check out the stunning collection available below, but make sure you get in quick! They are already flying out the doors.


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