A WelleCo Super Elixir Morning

This morning we tried out the WelleCo Super Elixir, a new product to Superette Store.

The WelleCo story began when Elle Macpherson learned about body acidity and alkalinity from her nutritional doctor. Elle was feeling run down, despite her healthy lifestyle and an array of synthetic supplements. She said balancing her pH levels changed her life.

WelleCo’s vision is to bring that same feeling of wellness in to the world. “Importantly, we want to make it easy to for people to make good choices for themselves; whether it be the world’s best supplements or the cleanest plant protein to help you live a balanced life”.

So, this morning the Superette family got to know all about the WelleCo and what good it does to our wellbeing. The great thing about the WelleCo’s Super Elixir is that it’s simple — it doesn’t require a lot of work to include in your everyday diet and the best part, it tastes delicious!

The Smoothie Bowls were created using the WelleCo Alkalising Greens and Nourishing Protein which were both absolutely delicious. They took all of 10 minutes to make and are completely customisable to include your favourite ingredients and toppings. And not to mention they are an all organic, vegan-friendly product.



The key trick to nailing the Smoothie Bowl is to make it a slightly thicker version of a smoothie with more nutritionally-dense ingredients i.e. bananas. Then top it off with some game-changing toppings. Today we had Pure delish muesli, coconut flakes, chia seeds, kiwifruit, pineapple, pear, frozen raspberries, blueberries, mango and slithered almonds.

Pretty much anything in your pantry that will take your smoothie from a snack to a proper breakfast meal will do the job.



We used 1 banana to 1 person and for the rest of the ingredients it was basically as much as you desire. Just make sure you get a good liquids-to-solids ratio to get a delicious thick and creamy smoothie mixture.

Using the Alkalising Greens product, we blended together:

— Spinach

— Kale

— Bananas

— Almond Milk

— Coconut Water

— Ice

WelleCo Alkalising Greens

So green and so good! The Alkalising Greens are designed to help your body maintain good nutrition and its pH balance. With a careful combination of 45 natural ingredients, including super greens, Chinese herbs and digestive enzymes.


Our Nourishing Protein recipe was deliciously creamy, with a hint of a chocolate taste from the cacao flavour — a definite favourite!

We blended together:

— Banana

— Almond Milk

WelleCo Nourishing Protein

— Ice

So simple yet effective, the Nourishing Protein works as an alternative to bulky whey-based protein. It’s all organic, vegan friendly, and with a delicious Raw Peruvian Cacao chocolate flavour, it’s a treat for your taste buds as well! Your body will reap the rewards you’d expect from a protein supplement, and so much more.


Once both smoothie recipes were blended, we simply poured the yummy mixtures in to the bowls and topped with all the delicious fruits, nuts and seeds. This turned it in to a substantial breakfast that kept us running till lunch time.


And ta-da! A dozen delicious Smoothie Bowls were consumed and we will definitely be making these ones again!

We hope you enjoy these recipes and try out the new WelleCo Super Elixir to bring a great balance of wellness and nutrition in to your lives.

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