5 Minutes With: In Bed

We took 5 minutes to chat with the brains behind the luxurious linen brand, In Bed…

How would you describe the aesthetic and inspiration of your brand?

Classic, homely, happy, a little unkempt but fresh. IN BED is inspired by real, creative spaces and people.

What are your hobbies?
I’m not sure it can be considered a hobby…but my favourite pastime is definitely eating! That and going to the beach a lot during summer. They’re sort of hobbies right? For lazy people?


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Describe a typical day for you.
I get up around 7am, grab a coffee from one of our local cafes whilst checking emails and instagram and then I head into the office. From there on in it’s pretty varied. I can be working on product development & speaking with suppliers, updating content on our website & journal, working with stockists and of course replying to never ending emails! After work I generally go home, pour a wine, make dinner and relax with a movie or lately, what is probably way too much Netflix.


Superette, Blog, In Bed, Linen, Bedding, Duvet Cover


What do you do to unwind after a busy day?
Either make dinner at home with a wine, or head out to a restaurant with my other half Eddie.

What is your favourite food?
Too hard to narrow down but if I HAD to choose one food…it would be pasta.


Superette, Blog, In Bed, Linen, Bedding, Duvet Cover


Favourite piece from your current collection?
Our new stripe!! I am obsessed with it.

What is one thing most people don’t know about you
I started my working life as a secretary! I was terrible at everything except for planning the work parties.

What is the last thing you Googled?
Hiring boats in Ponza, Italy. We’re currently planning our honeymoon in Septemnber. Can. Not. Wait.


Superette, Blog, In Bed, Linen, Bedding, Duvet Cover



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