Fish & Chippin’ – Pop Factory winter collection


We took 5 minutes to have a chat with the lovely Bridget and Christopher from Pop Factory. Read on to find out more about their inspirations…

We’ve been big fans of Pop Factory since the beginning. We’re obsessed with the bold prints, minimal colours and gorgeous styling! Based out of Tauranga, Pop Factory designs youthful pieces for the coolest kids. The brother/sister duo both have graphic design backgrounds – their collections are influenced by music, pop culture and their beautiful surroundings.

Check out the Q&A and shop the new collection...

How would you describe the aesthetic of your brand?

Street Kids. Baggy but fitted clothes for the baddest.

We’ve mixed looks we had as children with styles we see sitting in the adult market in a naive and playful way.

Like a factory of popular culture.

What are you inspired by?

C: My nephews and niece, friends & music.

B: My two boys Harper and Henry, music, kids books, magazines.

What led you to become a designer?

C: Not ashamed to say. I was a label basher from an early age. Having older sisters, and a mum that like the finer things I was introduced to brands like Mambo, Huffer and even Karen Walker really young. They were all pushing the envelope in NZ and Australia and I was obsessed. Wearing Mambo till high school, then Huffer as my illegal uniform. I loved brands. I still do, the way they communicate with their customer base they’ve created. The language and tone. All the details.

B: Also a details person! Love the whole design process… brainstorming, sketching designing a product, then styling and photographing the finished piece is such a rewarding feeling.

What are your hobbies?

C: Camping, Golf and Ping Pong at the moment.

B: I used to work in magazines, it hasn’t ruined my obsession! Online shopping/browsing. Hanging out at cafes! Camping at our caravan in Whangamata.

Describe a typical day for you… 

C: I catch a bus to work for my 9-5 job as Art Director for fashion brand TCSS. Lunch differs but at the moment with the cold weather coming on I roll down the road for a Pho.

Most nights I’ll bus home, but working in Surrey Hills lends itself to an after work beer or exhibition.  

B: Being a mum, things are pretty routine around here…. Usually it involves a kindy drop off and then a cafe/park stop with one or both of boys. I’m lucky enough to have two lunch time nappers, so I work while they sleep for a few hours. Then off to the post office with the days orders. Most evenings I get to work again once the boys are in bed.

What are your favourite ways to unwind after a busy day?

C: I like a beer.

B: Instagram, wine, cheese.

What are your favourite holiday destinations?

C: I think Bridget will agree with me here. Whangamata. Our family goes there a lot.

I also really like the South Coast of NSW and Japan.

B: Yep, Whangamata and Raglan, so close to home.

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