5 minutes with… Kirstin Ash from KA Fines


Superette blog interview KA Fines Jewellery

We took 5 minutes to chat with the lovely Kirstin Ash; the woman behind the cult classic jewellery brand, KA Fines.

Created from an imagination and passion for design KIRSTiN ASH jewellery beautifully illustrates a sense of nostalgia and whimsical romance. Born in New Zealand and now based in Sydney, Kirstin continues to evolve the fast growing company as the lead designer alongside her brother and business partner Nick.

A great range of KA Fines jewellery is available online and in our Wellington stores.

Superette blog interview KA Fines Jewellery

My last purchase was…

Fallen broken street hat in black


If you could be qualified for any other occupation, what would it be?

A film director or this is a little random but I’ve always wanted to have an orchard (I have a complete obsession for them!)


Favourite iPad app?

I don’t like ipads!


Which book or song changed your life?

At sweet 16, Nirvana – ‘Come as you are’


Rule that is made to be broken…

Eat chocolate… for breakfast


Most treasured possession?

Sentimental jewellery from my mum


The first thing you do in the morning?

Dream of sleeping in, motivate and get the running shoes on and start the day with my morning run.


I never let a week go by without…



Superette Blog KA Fines Jewellery


My signature fragrance is… 

Hermes ‘Un Jardin Sur Le Toit’


I keep in shape by… 

Running, I especially love my runs down Palm Beach – such a beautiful spot to exercise.


What is the single greatest night of your life and why?

First time in NYC, as we landed and drove over the Brooklyn bridge and snow began to fall. Such an amazing feeling arriving in such a city for the first time.


I’m currently reading… 

Grace – A Memoir by Grace Coddington


Superette blog interview KA Fines Jewellery


The work of art I’d most like to own is…

Anything from Kandinsky
Best beauty tip?

Ere Perez mineral powder, its super light and natural


What do you keep on your bedside table?

My next book, a pile of jewels and a sketch book and pencil for after hours inspiration


Favourite Disney character and why?

The Genie in Aladdin – who wouldn’t want to dabble with magic!


Who would play you in a movie of your life?

Gosh – this is too hard to answer! Someone that’s seriously good at multi tasking haha.


You may not know this about me but… 

I can’t do one thing at a time! One of the downfalls to having a creative mind is I have a serious yo-yo brain!!


The piece of advice I would give my 15-year-old self is…

Do what you feel passionate about and follow your gut feeling…ALWAYS


If you could be front row at any concert, who’s would it be?

I would love to rewind and see the rolling stones in the 1960’s – amazing


Superette blog interview KA Fines Jewellery


If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life it would be…

‘Lump Sum’ by Bon Iver


What is your first thought when you look in the mirror?

I need to start using eye cream! Arrrggh


What was the last thing you googled?

Pantone colours for my next collection


The person I would most like to meet (alive or dead) is…

Ghandi or Einstein


Superette Blog KA Fines Jewellery


What do you daydream about?

Road tripping around Mexico and mescal tequila


What is your greatest extravagance?

Regular massages – heaven


What don’t you leave the house without?

My ray bans


On a Friday night you will find me…

Sipping on amazing cocktails (my husband owns The Barber Shop bar here in Sydney)


On a Sunday afternoon you will find me…

In the sun, lazing around on a deck chair by the pool


Three emojis to describe yourself…

palm tree, cactus and fist pump


Describe your dream working day…

Coffee, great music and putting my pencil on paper and rolling out some great new designs

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