Watermelon Wednesday!

Watermelon Wednesday!

Always a fiend for an indulgence of alliteration, today is Watermelon Wednesday!

Although traditionally a summer fruit, there’s nothing like being well organised for your forthcoming garden parties. We have hunted and gathered for some fresh new ideas of what you can do with this old favourite. Aside from tasting terrific, watermelon is also low-cal, hydrating and is jam packed with health boosting nutrients. There really is no reason to hold back!

Boozy Watermelon Granitas with Coconut Whipped Cream

Watermelon Kiwifruit Ice Pops

Grilled Watermelon Salad

Watermelon Coctails

Coconut Lime Mahi Mahi Tacos with Tequila Soaked Watermelon Salsa

Savoury Watermelon Salad

Honey Grilled Watermelon Caprese Salad

Honey Grilled Watermelon Caprese Salad

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