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Okay, so it’s Winter and our skin is… well feeling the cold. We’re turning to Nature Girl’s lotions and scrubs for perfect Winter pampering — the best part it’s all natural.

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As if you need any more reason than the sheer fact it’s Winter to start pampering yourself —

… but if you haven’t already drawn a bath and applied your eye mask here’s some inspiration for ya. Check out the latest international press from Vogue, Elle Faces & more…

Nature Girl uses all natural, organically grown and wildcrafted ingredients, carefully cultivated on small family-run organic farms from all regions of the world to provide you with products that protect and nurture your skin and your health while also protecting the environment. We do not use any synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes or animal testing. All of our nut, seed plant and flower oil are cold pressed and refined using old fashioned methods such as paper filters and natural clays, and our essential oils are organic or ethically wildcrafted and steam distilled. 

With a philosophy like this, you can’t go wrong. Grab your natural hit and get pampering. Perfect Tuesday night pick-me-up.

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All images via Nature Girl press.

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