Staff Style: Belle Jones

We talk to our gorgeous new part-timer at our Wellington store, Belle, about all things new season inspiration!


My job title is…Retail Assistant

My signature style is…Depending on how I feel when I wake up really. Usually I’m tomboy as I’m a pants-sneaker kind of girl, but always enjoy something outrageous or different.   

And my hero piece for this season is…Lo Slung Bassike denim jeans! It’s worrying me how much I like these.

My last purchase was…C & M St Germain pink stripe pants

My favourite magazine is…British Vogue – I’m a Big fan of the English!

The book I’m reading right now…The Frida Kahlo Biography

Favourite iPad app?..Instagram or Templerun would be up there.

Rule that is made to be broken… Diets! A girls gotta eat!

Best beauty tip? No make up, fresh face with salt water and sun.

Best advice you’ve ever been given?  The service you give to others is the rent you pay for a place on this earth – Muhammad Ali

Favourite Disney character and why? Probably Genie from Aladdin. He’s the best thing to ever come out of a bottle. But don’t get me wrong I’m a die-hard fan for Abu too.

Who would play you in a movie of your life? I’d like to think Jennifer Lawrence. She’s sassy as hell.

I love grabbing my lunch from…Olive Café on Cuba Street, or if I’m doing the distance, Sweet Mama’s Kitchen.

If you could be front row at any concert, who’s would it be? The Rolling Stones or Outkast!

If you could only listen to one song for the rest of your life it would be…The Dandy Warhols – Sleep. It reminds me of my dad.

What was the last thing you googled?    “Classic Mexican music” to theme my salsa dinner the other night.

What don’t you leave the house without? I feel naked without my jewellery and wallet.

The person I would most like to meet (alive or dead) is… I think Keith Richards would have some wild stories to share.

If I were a superhero I would be….A female version of Robin Hood. Steals from rich, gives to poor etc

What is your greatest extravagance? I find myself buying far too much homeware for my room…

On a Friday night you will find me… Catching up with friends, attempting to cook or having a boogie

On a Sunday afternoon you will find me…With no plans whatsoever and completely chilled – that’s the way Sunday should be! (Hence why it’s my favorite day of the week)

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