What’s on your desktop? Part two

In the second part of our Designer Desktop series (did you miss part one?) we talk to Stolen Girlfriends Club’s Marc Moore, Friend of Mine’s Letitia McLean and designer Evie Kemp and asked them to share What’s on their desktop?

Much like figuring out the type of person based on their shoes or what’s stashed inside their bag…we wondered, does the same thing go for screens?

Marc Moore, Stolen Girlfriends Club

“My desktop is nerdy clean at the moment! I get stressed when it’s real cluttered and I feel like my computer operates really slow when it’s messy too.

Messy desktop = messy life!

My 3 main folders is where everything is sorted/stored. SGC for anything relating to our business – from design through to trademarks and business stuff. People Of Paris for anything related to our DJing – gig-poster artwork, logo development through to invoicing. Personal is where shit goes that has nothing to do with the above. Stuff like Recipes, House-Inspiration pics, The Annual Coachella Trip stuff, movies to watch…

The image on my desktop is from Monster Children magazine. I think the image was taken somewhere in San Diego?  Surfing keeps me chilled/centered so this is why I have a surfing pic as my desktop image.  No matter how mad or stressful everything gets, I know I’m always free to escape and go surfing.”

Letitia McLean, Friend of Mine

“The background has one of our favourite new images by Wolfclub, it features our painted leather colab with artist Elbie arriving soon”

Evie Kemp, Evie Kemp

“It was a bit embarrassing to minimise all my windows and see my sad little desktop. My desktop might just be the most boring space ever, usually you can’t even see the stock standard background for all the files but I’ve just recently thrown everything in to my ‘desktop’ folder (which is not actually my desktop but makes me feel like I have some kind of system). 

 I literally never look at it, I don’t even think I’ve ever set a wallpaper on my current computer (2 years +). I use the spotlight search to do everything and have a very chaotic file naming system that works for me. With everything I work on I’m saving so many versions, I just give everything very long, descriptive file names like ‘Skull pattern screen 2013 40 cm cleaned no background’ and I can usually find it again!  I always have chrome open with at least 8 tabs – mail, twitter, Spotify and usually Photoshop and Illustrator too.”


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