Father’s Day: The World’s Greatest Dads


To celebrate Father’s Day, we thought we’d round up our pick of some of the greatest Dad’s throughout history. From animated Disney characters to legendary TV Dads, we put it to the Superette team and asked them who topped their list of the greatest dads in history (aside from their own of course). Enjoy! And don’t forget to take a look at our gift guide to ensure you’ve got Father’s Day gifting covered.

1. Mufasa from The Lion King

Bar the fact we still cry EVERY time we watch this movie, Mufasa was the quintessential Disney dad, and our pick of the most memorable one. Wise, courageous and king of the Pridelands, Mufasa embodied everything great about Disney dads. Even after his death, he still guides Simba through the ‘circle of life’ and his responsibility to the pride.

2. Danny Tanner from Full House.

Danny Tanner may have been a little nerdy and the world’s biggest clean freak but a widow raising three girls? Enough said. Throw in Uncle Jesse and Joey in the mix and the obligatory heart-to-heart and valuable lesson at the end of every episode and you had the Full House dad dream team.

3. Homer Simpson from The Simpsons

A rather controversial addition to a ‘Greatest Dads’ list. Homer was no picture perfect Dad. However while he wasn’t the epitome of brains, health, or even sobriety, he was honest, humourous and his heart was certainly in the right place.

4. Jim’s Dad from American Pie

Taking awkward conversations to a new level, no subject matter was left unturned when it came to his parenting approach. Whether it was apple pies or illegal web cams, Jim’s Dad always, always had his back and of course, the cringy, but heartfelt speech to go along with it.

5. Mrs Doubtfire 

Robin Williams as Daniel Hillard played a character who went to above and beyond the call of duty to see his kids in his life after a divorce.  In his case, it meant dressing up as a woman and taking on the persona of a Scottish nanny after his ex-wife is granted sole custody of their three kids. While his role playing was deceptive to his family, the underlying fatherly love was the important part.

6. Sandy Cohen from The O.C.

Possibly the best TV Dad of our generation, Sandy Cohen had it all. From the moment he decided to take Ryan Atwood home as his own,  Mr Cohen won over our hearts week after week with his down-with-the-kids lingo, his rational approach to parenting, witty sarcasm and his awesome one-liner advice to Seth and Ryan.

7. Sonny Koufax from Big Daddy

Hello, the guy let his kid name himself ‘Frankenstein’, dress like a clown and throw sticks at roller bladers in the park. Even if his parenting was a little unconventional, Adam Sandler’s character still took on a kid that showed up on his doorstep, taught him how to tie his shoes and adopted him as his own.

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