One Lovely Day D.I.Y: Warm Little Hands


Our go-to event styling guru, Claire Donaldson from One Lovely Day, stops by to share her latest DIY project with us – Warm little hands. As we sit here typing this in the rain, we couldn’t think of anything more perfect for a rainy Friday!

Winter is rolling in, and with it those frosty mornings, crisp afternoons and lovely dinners by the fire. There is nothing nicer than being bundled up cosy and warm and heading out to explore. Days spent up the mountain or walking a windswept beach are made even better with these cute little pocket wheatie’s I whipped up.

Being in events I do many set ups in the cold and so these bad boys stop my finger tips from frosting over.  They are also a fab gift for family and friends and a wonderful wee touch to pass out at an evening picnic or wedding x

Enjoy those warm little hands, toasty x

What you need:

Any old fabric you have lying around the house, (felt would be cosy as well) scissors, sewing machine and needle,  pins, rice/barley, stamps and stamp pad, thread.

super hand warmers one lovely day

What to do:

  1. Using scissors, cut the fabric to the size you want it, you could also explore with different shapes .. little circles, rectangles etc would look cute…  You’ll need two per hand warmer.super hand warmers one lovely daysuper hand warmers 004
  2. If you have fabric you want to stamp, now is your chance, go crazy.. pop names on them, dates, images etc..super hand cozies one lovely daysuper hand cozies one lovely daysuper hand cozies one lovely day
  3. Place the two pieces of fabric together and hand/machine stitch a seam around the outside , leaving a small opening.super hand warmers 011
  4. Fill with rice/barley, about ¾ full and then using a pin block the rice from falling out and sew closedsuper hand warmers 014
  5. If you have pinking shears now is a good time to trim the edges to avoid them fraying.super hand warmers 004
  6. To use, pop in microwave for 20 seconds (or so), but make sure they aren’t too hot, we want toasty not roasted!!

Pop in your pocket, gloves or even your gumboots and Enjoy xxx



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