The Round Up: blogs of the week

We spend a good deal of time scouring the internet here at Superette HQ – whether its for inspiration pictures (hello Pinterest!), for trends, news or simply just getting lost in browsing the big WWW.

So…we decided to curate our ongoing list of interesting links and content into a new series ‘blogs of the week’  to share with our readers. No, its certainly nothing revolutionary, but we love it when other outlets share their articles, items or sites that are inspring them so we wanted to do the same.

Enjoy! Here’s this week’s list of favourite sites and links.

Take Note: Green Kitchen Stories

blogs of the week

Green Kitchen Stories: In need of a little healthy kitchen inspiration? Look no further than our favourite foodie blog, Green Kitchen Stories. The brainchild of super talented couple David and Luise, this blog is filled with beautiful photos, super healthy and delicious receipes and cute stories. They are travelling around the world with their daughter and the blog has not only inspired the creation of their very own Green Kitchen Stories App but also their first cookbook too – being released this year.

Visit: Bodie and Fou blog

blogs of the week

Bodie and Fou blog: A super inspiring interiors blog by Karine Candice, who is the woman behind the award-winning online concept store Bodie and Fou. A French expat now living in London, she shares her inspirations, personal life, creative interior tips and DIY projects all on her blog. Oh and let’s not forget her amazing home (s) in both London and France. It was voted one of the Top 20 Interiors blogs by Vogue magazine (UK) and we can certainly see why!

Bookmark: The Stylebyte

blogs of the week

The Style Byte: A relatively new (launched mid last year) online venture by Kiwi girl Sarah Rumbold. A great local fix for fans of websites like The Covetuer and The Selby, Sarah profiles stylish and creative New Zealanders and their covetable wardrobes, homes and workspaces.  Her most recent post is on none other than our very own Rickie Dee. Woop! Check out the piece inside Rickie’s closest here and also her coveted  most wanted list here

Read: The Extraordinary Addictive Science of Junk Food article on the NY Times.

blogs of the week

The Extraordinary Addictive Science of Junk Food – if you’ve got a spare half an hour, this is a long, but fascinating read on the highly calculated and scientific approach to the creation of American junk food. Published by The New York times, the article is an excerpt from award-winning investigative writer Michael Moss’ new book Salt, Sugar, Fat: How the Food Giants Hooked Us – a book he has spent more than three years investigating. In short, it basically sums up how it is virtually impossible to resist the temptation of junk food and documents how the fast food industry employ full blown scientistists to  manipulate salt, sugar and fat to trick our brains into craving what’s bad for us. Read at your own discretion – whether you actually want to know this information , we’ll leave up to you. 



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