Beauty Insider: Meadowlark

In the second installment of our new Beauty Insider series (did you miss the first? Check it out here!), Meadowlark’s Claire Hammon shares with us some of her top beauty tips and favourite products and lets us in on how her morning routine pans out before starting work for the day.

Claire Hammon, designer, Meadowlark

My top five beauty favorites

I’m pretty low maintenance and don’t wear make up every day, but I am starting to use sun screen every day.

1. Li Lash – I have been using this since January and I finally have thick and long eyelashes, before this they were virtually non existent. This is my dream product!

2. Regular Facials and waxing – I try to have a facial once a month, it always makes me feel better and my skin looks younger. I go to Acajou, they use an amazing hot wax that makes it painless.

3. Red Less by Aspect Dr. – I’ve always had dry but clear skin, unfortunately it’s always been quite red (I’m always asked if I have been in the sun) And RedLess has made my skin a lot less red and even. I layer a few different moisturizers and serums including a vitamin C serum and the best moisturiser – Intral Balm by Darphin.

4. I get my hair done regularly at Stephen Marr, Lauren Gunn is genius. I get really bored with my hair at the moment my hair is grey and it’s my favorite colour yet! I don’t really use products often but if I do I use Kerastase Elixir Ultime it repairs any damage from bleaching and Bumble & Bumble Sea Salt spray.

5. For make up I only use M.A.C Cosmetics, I love everything they make but i particularly love the Mineralize Foundation range and the Long Wear lipsticks. Although I’m still on a search for the ultimate dark red wine lipstick.

If you could dress anyone in the new collection, who would it be and why?

We already have some amazing women wearing Meadowlark including Alison Mosshart, Florence Welch and Grimes so this is a hard question…

Our SS13/14 collection is full of some really huge pieces and I would love to see it on Christine Centenera. I love her style because she isn’t afraid to be bold but she keeps it classic. There are so many other amazing women we would love to have in Meadowlark!

Take us through your morning routine and how you kick start your working day…

I was a morning person until I had a kid, I would be up and amped and ready to go, I have never used an alarm to wake up. Now I’m a sleepy and groggy in the mornings. I’m not much of a routine person so each day is a little different. Usually it starts with our two year old daughter waking us up by a sudden body slam anywhere between 6 and 7:30am. I usually check my emails in bed which sometimes gets me up and working right away and forgetting breakfast.

I usually start my day with some vitamins and some Good Green Stuff from Nu Zest, then a little later I have Grawnola from Little Bird Organics with some natural yogurt. Sometimes I have a green smoothie for breakfast but usually I reserve that for the afternoons.

I don’t drink hot drinks, so I have loads of water in the mornings. Greg and I play with our daughter Gigi until we start work at 9 or 10 – we tend to work late at night so we can have the mornings free for our daughter. And then it’s non stop until the end of the day.

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