2013 Resolutions

Have you made any New Year’s resolutions?  Despite best intentions (and of course, our best efforts) our New Year’s resolutions often fall off by the time January is up. So this year, we caught up with several of our favourite fashion friends and asked them to share the resolutions they were looking ahead to this year…

Pip Edwards, Senior designer, sass & bide 

1. Quit smoking… 2013 is about focusing on wellbeing, fitness, health & happiness.

2. Shop practically and functionally rather than seasonally…I need to curb my expenditure!

3. Become a drummer…crazy I know, but I recently went to the Hot Chip concert and the girl drummer was so inspiring!!

 Angus Dobson & Joe Dowling, designers, GUS

“New year resolutions, a recipe for failure …. Gus has resolved to learn the banjo (such a good one, though I don’t know how musical he is), and mine is to take pictures and write every day.”

Liberty & Somer Watson, designers, Watson x Watson

Liberty –  “To stay this happy, spend more quality time with friends and family and to grow my business.”

Somer – “To have more fun.”

Camilla Freeman-Topper and Marc Freeman, camilla & marc

Camilla – “To travel to places I have never been before!”

Marc – “In 2013 I plan to visit New Zealand again.”

Alice McCall, designer, Alice McCall

“To move me and the family back to Sydney, do more yoga and spend time with my girls.”

Images via Pinterest

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