Superette Dope Dads #2 – Jordan Kahu

Father’s Day is almost here so we thought it was the perfect opportunity to catch up with another Dope Dad. We chatted with Jordan Kahu, Brisbane Broncos player and father of the adorable Jayla and Jude, to find out what it means to be a dad in 2018.

What’s the best thing about being a Dad in 2018? 
I feel dads have come a long way in roles they play in the household. It is not so much mum can only do these things but dads can too.

Has your style evolved much since becoming a father?
Not so much my style, but more my willingness to buy things I don’t need. I probably had too many clothes before being a dad and I guess now I’m a bit more practical and logical about buying clothes I don’t need.

How much say do you have in the kid(s) style?
A lot. Jess and I are forever saying to each other “S/he isn’t wearing that, are they?” Haha I think more with my son though, we buy him things that I would wear myself.

Are there any brands you would love to bring out a kid’s range?
They already do a kids range, but I would love for Nike to expand their options. 

What’s on the top of your Father’s Day list this year?
I’m playing that day, so to get a win for my dad.

Are there any traditions you grew up with that you have continued on with your own kids?
The only one I can think of would be spending Christmas with family. Living in Australia now we don’t get to see our family much but since having kids I think its important for them to spend Christmas with our family back in Wellington.

What’s your favourite thing to do with the kid(s)?
Definitely number one would be our most common; walking to our local for our morning coffee and fluffy followed by a trip to the park.

What advice would you go back and give yourself pre-dad life?
Save, save, save! Hahaha 

What’s one piece of clothing you couldn’t live without?
A fresh pair of Nikes that can be worn with shorts and pants/chinos!

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