Superette Dope Dads #1 – Bryce Alton

With Father’s Day just around the corner we took 5 minutes to catch up with some of the Dopest Dads around. First on our list was Bryce Alton – the Distributor / CEO of Nudie Jeans Co Australasia and father of two — Wolfie (5) and River (2). We last spoke with Bryce back in 2016 so we got the inside scoop on what’s changed since then and what he loves the most about being a Dad.

What’s the best thing about being a Dad in 2018? 
Hey Superette!! Well, I’ve been a Dad now for 5 years and it still feels surreal. Kinda feeling old now! Haha. 2018 is much different than when I was a kid with people being more accepting. Kids (and all people) are unique and no one is perfect so it’s amazing to see how teachers are accepting of the challenges that each child faces.

Have you had any big changes since we last spoke in 2016? 
Well.. there hasn’t been any more (new) kids since then! The focus has been on balancing work and home life to give my children the attention they need. I do my best to therefore get out of work at an acceptable hour to spend that much-needed time with them before they go to sleep. This has been a big improvement from me as a Father.

How do you sum up your own personal style? 
This has changed a lot since 2016. I’ve gone from wearing tight fitting jeans to straight-leg/regular fits worn cuffed/short. I love this look on guys and girls. Its fresh and makes your shoe-game really stand out.

Has your style evolved much since becoming a father? 
Not at all in terms of “if becoming a father means becoming more conservative or “boring”. I wouldn’t call myself trendy or anything like that as all my clothes in my closet I love wearing until they break and then love repairing them. Nothing better than worn-in jeans that I’ve been using for more than 10 years. I have tee’s and sweaters over 10 years old that are patched and I’m literally in love with them.

How much say do you have in the kid(s) style? 
If you mean MY kids style; well when my wife isn’t getting them dressed I will dress them in what I would wear. Black (Nudie) jeans + black tee and (Nudie) denim jacket…cuff their jeans and Vans.

Are there any brands you would love to bring out a kid’s range?
Our own!! Nudie jeans has a small kids-range that is stocked in our own retail stores but I’m personally pushing our HQ to offer this to other retailers. So hopefully we will see this offered in Superette in the near future as our product is made to be well worn and nothing better for parents investing in clothes that are built to last. Not to mention that ALL Nudie jeans are sold with free repairs. Not bad as a parent to buy 1 pair of kids Nudie jeans then pass them down and have them repaired for free!

What’s on the top of your Father’s Day list this year? 
Nothing better than your kids waking you up in the morning by jumping on you in bed and giving you a big hug..this is literally the best thing in the world.

Are there any traditions you grew up with that you have continued with your own kids?
Not for Father’s Day particularly but now that you mentioned this I better start something fast!

Stuck on how to make Father’s Day extra special for Dad this year? We’ve put together an ultimate gift guide to make your life easier! Check it out.


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