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In August of 2009, Saturdays NYC opened on a quiet, cobblestoned street in SoHo, New York City. 

Since its establishment, Saturdays has grown from a small downtown shop into an international lifestyle brand that is synonymous with high-quality craftsmanship, minimalist ethos and classic style.  With notable accomplishments such as GQ’s Best New Menswear Designer of the Year and a retail presence in 29 countries, their global expansion continues. We caught up with co-founder Morgan Collett, to find out the secret behind their success. 

What did you guys set out to achieve with Saturdays NYC?

Initially, we set out to create a lifestyle brand. We have so many influences in NYC and it was important for the initial concept to work on incorporating them all into one identity, as well as the community we were surrounded by. The Cafe, the magazine, the retail environment, the collections, everything needed to relate to each other in some capacity. Throughout the year’s things began to develop and grow into something very unique and true. I think that is why Saturdays has been able to grow into other markets around the world. Everything we have ever done was not focused on a financial gain, but there was an honest purpose and a “why” answered with everything. Since day 1 we were never driven by making $, but it was to create something unique that reflected what we stood for. 

Being based in NYC makes for a competitive market, what sets you apart from other brands? 

We have always tried to stay true to what we think is appropriate for our brand and not what the market dictates or what other people are doing. It is so easy to get influenced by what is happening around you, but by channelling this through a true channel of creativity and creating, keeps Saturdays unique and set apart from the rest. 

What’s your biggest inspiration? 

I would have to say the Saturdays Team globally. We have been fortunate enough to build an extremely talented team across the globe. Each personality is extremely unique and brings their own taste to Saturdays. We find this extremely inspiring and true to the nature of the brand. Saturdays is not just one idea, but it is open to so many aspects of interpretation. Being able to see this through the eyes of our expanded team is very inspiring.   

Can you talk us through the design process? 

This process has been an evolving process. In the early days, we were cutting fabrics and building storyboards with our friend who managed our production. Over time this process grew and expanded into a broad range of categories to create a full men’s lifestyle brand, sourcing fabrics and production all over the world. Today, we have an extremely talented head of design, Robert Lim. Each season he works on the concepts which we review and roundtable before the team dives into the development process. Each collection needs to have its own identity to allow for new creative exploration, while continuing to expand the voice of the brand.

 Was there ever a discussion to branch into womenswear? 

Yes. I think we talk about this almost every day. We have a strong customer base that are women and to have the opportunity to speak to a larger audience is very exciting to us at Saturdays. But we would never rush this for any other reason than it felt right and will be a powerful step for the brand on a global scale. 

Your go-to piece this season and why? 

This collection has so many elements to it that make it truly unique. I think that the below styles are some of my favourites, but it is very difficult to choose each season. The below are 3 staples for myself that will be in constant rotation in my own wardrobe.  

  • Cant Paradise Print Button Down Shirt
  • Panos Stripe Trouser
  • Angus Button Down Linen Shirt  

What trends can we expect to see in the upcoming seasons? 

We don’t want to give too much away. But you can be assured that one of our major focuses here at Saturdays is quality and construction. We want to build beautiful collections that are made with the best factories and fabrics sourced from around the world. Trend-wise, you will have to wait and see, but we always push ourselves each season to come up with new unique concepts. Always changing and pushing to be better and more engaging.  


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