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A luxury loungewear label from the relaxation nation, Champtaloup perfectly embody comfort and creativity with their fresh perspective on ‘underwear’. A recent addition to the Superette family, we took a few moments to catch up with Harry Champtaloup, director and founder of the brand.

Can you tell us about the brand and how it came to be? 

I sparked the idea whilst flatting in Wellington with a bunch of mates. One sunny afternoon the boys had done a few loads of washing and we all noticed how there wasn’t any stylish underwear hanging on the washing line. I had always dreamt of creating a clothing label and this was the perfect way to kick this off. From this, the idea was born to present stylish and classic cut boxer shorts to the New Zealand market. 

Can you talk us through the design process?

Generally, it starts with myself and business partner Jordan Hammond bringing together mood boards and building a collection of images and references. I will then draw up certain garments and pair them with fabrics and Jordan brings them to life.

What inspires the design process? 

Staying relaxed and comfortable is the best way to get creativity flowing. Besides physically being comfortable in our choice of clothing we also feel it is super important to disconnect from technology to really get inspiration. Mother nature is the ultimate creative genius, so going for walks on the west coast, or taking time out of the city is always a good way to get inspired. 

Are all pieces from the brand unisex? 

Boxers and tees are how a lot of guys and girls both dress for bed these days. Boxers were made for the guys however women have been a large part of the customer base as they love the boxers as ‘sleep shorts’. We are continuing to design for men, however we welcome the girls to get involved.

Your current fashion muse?

Japanese style has got to be the cleanest and there are some great things coming from South Korea at the moment which has been exciting to see.

Favourite piece from this season and why? 

Forest green is my favourite colour so I would probably slide toward the ‘Forest Paisley‘ boxer shorts. It’s been really exciting bringing other garments such as the linen ‘throw shorts’ to the collection. These are heavyweight navy linen pocketed shorts – styled to be worn in the house and to the coffee shop. 

What can we expect to see in 2018 from Champtaloup? 

This year has been a great year for us and we are super excited to present more products in 2018. We have our Winter 2018 story underway and will be injecting small capsules throughout the year that embody our values and vision to creating the best loungey label from the relaxation nation of New Zealand! 

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