Meet the Model – Renee Wilkins-Foster

Model, musician and face of our Superette Pre-Spring 17 collection, we sat down with multi talented Renee Wilkins-Foster, to chat about the modelling world and find out whats up next for this super talented beauty.


What’s a normal week for Renee Wilkinson-Foster?

I usually end up having photoshoots three or four times a week when I’m in New Zealand, and any days off I’ll have a fitting or a casting or a spray tan. But in my weekends, if it’s nice weather, I’ll head to the beach or catch-up with friends.

Why did you choose modelling and is it as glam as it seems?

I was given the opportunity and it seemed like a silly idea to turn it down really. I kept with it because I’ve made some amazing friends in the industry. There are just some people that when you turn up to work, you know it’s going to be such a fun day. It’s really long hours and you spend all your time on google maps trying to find places, trying to find castings, and especially on lookbook days. You’ll be there from 8 till about 5 or 6 at night, just standing on your feet, in and out of outfit after outfit, front side back so the repetition can be pretty tiring.

What’s the most exciting shoot to date and why?

I did a commercial for LG TV and I was in a pool all day! I was in this massive dress, and at first, I was sitting on a raft, looking into the water and then I spent the second half of the day just dive after dive. There were all these professional divers in the water with tanks making sure I didn’t drown, it was so much fun! Afterwards, they photoshopped a whale in, that was a year and a bit ago, it was pretty funny, such a good day.

If you had a day off, no limits, what would you do?

Eat! haha. I love trying like new cafes, I love eggs bene, that’s probably how I’d start the day. There’s a really cool place called Stanley’s in Milford area, and then I love Odettes but it’s kind of a mission to go all the way into town – but it’s totally worth it. After that, I’d probably head to the beach!

What’s something no one knows about you?

I love…I don’t really have much that people don’t know about me. Oh! I play a lot of instruments, piano and guitar, well those are the only ones that I can play well….I started learning the piano when I was about 8 and I like singing but it’s probably something we will keep for car rides.

Do you think if modelling wasn’t an option you would have made a career out of music?

I would probably do something in song writing, but I don’t think I’d be a performer myself. I think it takes a certain person to get up on the stage and do that.

How would you describe your style?

Way too many flares. And way too much denim. Its kind of retro-ish and vintage but then also no fuss. Everything I own is pretty simple and really boyish. If I’m not going somewhere I’m just in a baggy t-shirt and track pants.

Goals for 2018, what do you have coming up?

I will hopefully still be in NYC. I’m heading there in July at this stage, so fingers crossed I’ve got lots of work and I’m enjoying it – hopefully, I haven’t come home yet.

Do you have shows already lined up?

I have to go over there and hit up castings. I’m actually really nervous. I’m worried that I’ll get there and be overwhelmed and run out of money!


Have you worked in NY before?

I was there in January and February but I couldn’t work because I didn’t have a visa. I went to all the castings and got a fright, it was really intense. I would go to a casting and there would be 50 people there and it’s just like one after one, casting in front of everyone. It’s pretty nerve-racking.

Is it reassuring that you know what to expect now?

Yea and it will be warm! Last time I was there it was so cold, I’d be trying to find somewhere and my phone would just die from the cold! I wouldn’t remember the address and I’d have to go into a café and try to get it warm again so it would turn back on! That was pretty full on.

Do you have any other friends or family over there as a support team?         

Another girl from my agency who I’m quite good friends with is coming over at the same time and then I’ve also got another friend over there, she works in the magazine industry, so she kind of gets what I’m doing. It’s nice to have someone that’s not a model but still understands the industry.

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