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Always wondered how to achieve the ultimate bedhead look without the bed? We went behind the scenes of the Superette Pre-Spring Collection to chat with Jarah from M11 studios about the upcoming trends for the season. 

Tell us a little bit about M11 Studio…

M11 studio is still quite new, we’ve been open for about a year and a half now. We wanted to create a different luxury space, but with more of a relaxed atmosphere. There’s designated areas in the studio where clients can come chill out, work, and even use it for meetings. We’re all about education, high-level skill, service, and of course the client.

What do you set out to achieve for your clients?

With hairdressing, the nice thing about our job is that we can make people feel good about themselves – I think a lot of hairdressers forget that –  being able to make our clients feel more confident, more attractive. It’s also important that they feel part of our brand, so leaving feeling like they are part of M11, too.

Can you tell us a little bit about the looks you’re going to create for the Superette Pre-Spring Collection?

The looks we’re going for today are slightly worn in with soft texture and a bit of movement – an effortless bedhead vibe. We’re moving away from sleeker, stronger looks and opting for something a little more dishevelled, but still controlled at the same time.  ­

And how are you going to achieve the ultimate bed head look?

With styling, even though it looks effortless, there’s a lot of prep work that goes into it.  I’m using a combination of products to set the hair in place. It’s also important to protect the hair and make sure it holds throughout the day. We’re going to use hot tools – at the moment I love curling tongs. They set the hair well, and add that movement we’re after. To finish, we’re going to go through the hair with straightening irons to tweak and smooth out the ends to create contrasting texture.

What style do you think we will see coming in for spring and summer 2017/2018?

There has been a shift towards the whole 80’s revival vibe, like mullets and shag haircuts. If you told me a year ago that they were going to come back, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. But recently, we’ve seen this trend coming through. I’m also an ambassador for ELEVEN in Australia and was there at the beginning of the year working with Joey Scandizzo. We learnt all the new collection haircuts – they’re all about moving away from really structured shapes to something that offers a little more movement and freedom. We’ve also done a few perms in-studio, which also reflect that 80’s feel.   

Is there a grungy vibe also coming through?

A little bit grungy – but a soft, pretty and more elevated kind of grunge. Everything has been done again but better.

And have you got any tips for looking after your hair through the coming seasons?

Make sure you are using the right shampoo, conditioner, treatments – it really does make that much of a difference! As a guy, I’m not too particular about the products that I use, but it’s important –particularly for those with long hair – to use heat protectants and leave-in treatments when colouring the hair, using hot tools, and to generally protect against the elements. The right products help to maintain the hair’s health, meaning your hair won’t get to the point where you have to worry about drastically fixing it. I think everyone should use ELEVEN Miracle Hair Treatment to prime and prep the hair, and book regular in-studio treatments that are tailored to your hair type. 

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