New Year, New Activewear

So you told yourself — “I’ll get back in to it as soon 2017 starts”? Well, 2017 has started and we don’t know about you, but we’re feeling the struggle. It’s been a summer holiday of over indulging in all things food, wine, afternoon naps, more wine, more food, and more nap times.

WELL if your own piece of mind hasn’t been enough motivation, we’ve got the next step to get you moving. There’s nothing better than looking good and feeling good whilst you’re dying on the inside, right? Running on the treadmill, counting down the minutes till it’s over, but hey, at least you’re doing it in style! Bottom line, it’s time to get active, so let us help you with all the latest activewear arrivals below.


Now lets get down to the serious talk, there’s three types of athletes in this world, and it’s time you decide which one suits you.


Starting off with the one that is the most common of all — the ‘Activewear to Brunch’ type. This is the type that looks like they’ve just had a work out on their Saturday morning but they’re actually just out for brunch, in their activewear — because it’s comfortable of course!


Next up is the ‘Athlesiure’ type. This type is the one who is all about doing comfort in style. Whether you’re a busy mum of 4 or running errands all day eryday, the athleisure look will get you through your day with ease with no restrictions to keep you on the move.


And last but never least, the true ‘Athlete’ this is the 9—5 non-stop machine that you’ll find at the gym, out running or attending a group fitness training at least four times a week. They are all about comfort as well as performance and keeping that hard working sweat from disrupting their workout.



And as for the guys, what better way to start the year with some fresh new threads! Whether you’re the gym junkie type or just enjoy wearing activewear day to day, we’ve got you sorted.


So you’re the guy that wears activewear to any occasion you can? We get you. It’s comfortable, it keeps you looking fit and it’s always a good look for the ladies. ActivewearBlogPost_10


The type that’s all about a mix of comfort and style — we bring you the ‘Athleisure’ junkie. Working 9-5 in a suit 5 days a week, all you feel like wearing is some clothes that’ll keep you relaxed and give you a good excuse to put your feet up.


And if your second home happens to be the gym, we’ve got all the right gears to get through your routine in style. With specialised performance fabrics, these guys will keep you moving.


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