Superette AKL Christmas Party

Believe it or not, it’s that time of year again! The time to celebrate what an epic year it has been and what an epic team we are at Superette. Amongst the excitement of the silly season, on Sunday 4th December, the Auckland SuperFam celebrated in style for what has been another amazing year!



Much to our excitement, the AKL Christmas Party was kept well under wraps from the SuperFam, making the occasion an amazing surprise for everyone! First to start off with was the venue, an amazing rustic and open space with the most beautiful view of the Auckland waterfront. The fit-out inside was filled with the freshest foliage, bright lights & hints of gold with much credit to Claire from One Lovely Day — we couldn’t have done it without you and are so thankful to have had your amazing talent on board.

XmasParty_03 XmasParty_05

Not to mention the most incredible display of giant sized balloons wrapping all the way from the floor to the ceiling! Insane!




With an extensive list of refreshing cocktails, champagne, wine & beer on entrance, we were in for a fun night ahead! Across the three AKL stores, HQ and partners, it was great to catch up with everyone and celebrate another year of doing epic shit together. We chatted and laughed and before we knew it, it was time to sit down for the most incredible three course meal served by the team at The Hip Group. Wagyu beef, an antipasti of summer vegetables, roasted baby agria potatoes (to name a few) were all grazed over with great company and good times.

XmasParty_13 XmasParty_15


Sharon from Twisted Faces showed off her amazing talent of balloon sculpting, someone who can seriously pull off the impossible! Angel Wings, Fruit Hats, Flying Jet Packs, the attention to detail was something else and far too much fun.


Did we forget to mention what was for dessert? After a full course meal, the delectable dessert platters from Milse arrived to the table…just as we thought nothing else could fit, their famous gelato sticks disappeared very quickly! YUM!

XmasParty_19 XmasParty_21 XmasParty_23

As the dinner came to an end, the music picked up and we had everyone on the dancefloor for a dance or two. Bieber & R Kelly made an appearance amongst a few flying jet packs here and there… we’ll end that one here!



Cheers to the owners Rickie Dee & James Rigden for yet another awesome night, we’ve had some epic times this year and look forward to many more to come!




Décor: Claire @ One Lovely Day / Twisted Faces

Photography: Content&Co

Neon Lights: Neon Poodle — Available online and in stores.

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