Friday Night Drinks

There’s nothing more we look forward to than a crisp wine or fruity cocktail to finish off a hard working week and of course, welcome the weekend ahead.

We’ve chosen our favourite spots for Friday night drinks whether it’s a night out with friends or a date night for two.BlogPost-Friday_01

Located right in the heart of busy Ponsonby, the Bedford Ballers provide a great mix of drinks, meatballs, and a cosy social atmosphere. Their cocktail creations have become a famous attraction and their mixologist has us sipping drinks like never before. Our personal favourite being the Hawaiian Time loaded with all sorts of thirst quenching goodness. Not to mention their infamous meatballs which are the perfect side to share over a tasty drink or two!BlogPost-Friday_02

If you’re after something cheap and cheerful Chinoiserie is your answer. The flavours, interiors and casual vibes makes for the perfect date night or catchup with a group of friends. A mix between Chinese and Taiwenese inspired street food creates a menu of authentic flavours like never before. Our personal favourite being their Bao Buns which we reckon could give Blue Breeze a run for their money! Accompanied by a classic beer or wine you’ll be walking away with one happy tum.BlogPost-Friday_03

Tucked away in the narrow streets of Parnell, 46 & York is always a popular place to be on a Friday. Whether the drinks start at noon or night, the place is buzzing early till late depending on what you’re in the mood for. It’s indoor outdoor flow creates an easy and casual atmosphere to unwind after a long week. The wine list is never ending and the food is fresh as can be, accompanied by some great tunes you’ll be feeling well relaxed and ready for the weekend.


It’s an oldie but still remains a goodie. If you’re craving some beautiful Italian food paired with a crisp glass of wine, SPQR is the perfect place for your Friday night. And if you’re not feeling up to it after a hard working week, their Espresso Martinis will sure do the trick to get you in the mood. It’s location is a great spot for people watching with no promise you’ll run in to someone you know. It’s social atmosphere and long list of cocktails is also no guarantee that it won’t end up turning in to a night out on the town.





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