Introducing Penny & Scout

This is Penny Styles (of Mr and Mrs Styles Productions) and her little one Scout (yes, what an awesome name – we know!). Penny shared with us the top traits she’s inherited from her own mother and what’s topping her Mother’s Day wish list this year.


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What’s a parenting trait that you’ve inherited from your own mother?

I’m pretty relaxed, and I’d say I got that off my Mum. I’ve got a pretty holistic sort of approach to a lot of things. Definitely don’t stress out too much. No strict rules.

What’s your personal style like and how has it evolved much since becoming a mother?

I’m definitely quite casual. I run a busy life so it’s pretty difficult at times! It’s all about pieces that aren’t going to get roughed up too much.

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What’s one fashion accessory or item you can’t live without?

A good handbag! Definitely! My go-to is my Celine handbag. Shoes are good too but when it comes to cost per wear, for me, it’s a handbag. Everyday you take it everywhere.

What’s your favourite thing do with Scout?

We go skateboarding! Well, actually, probably just going to the park because we have a dog too. Actually, scrap that – going out on the boat and going fishing. It’s such a fun thing for us to do together!

What’s top your Mothers Day wish list this year?

Just some really nice time with my boys. Maybe if they could give me some peace that would be nice, although that might be pushing it.

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One thought on “Introducing Penny & Scout

  1. Hi Penny
    I have seen your article in the fashion quarterly 2018 and loved art on the wall.
    Im dental technician so of course the teeth ,,grabbed me… ha ha
    My logo for the business was designed by my son..
    If you have time to check it out on is under
    Dentures Direct Napier.
    Karen Pedersen..
    It’s a wind up denture with big feet on what looks like a surfboard but it’s a tongue.
    Love it…but then I’m biased because Josh designed it for me…
    I’m writing to you because I noticed the painting in your write up…
    As with chance meetings I am wondering If you would like to check out Joshs Instagram on his art work…he has some amazing pieces..
    The one I love Is a poster size mermaid with the guy scrubbing his name on the bench she is sitting on..
    Josh Mills is ,,Morbidscene…
    Would love your feedback or If you would like to contact him to chat about possible contacts or opportunities for some contract work…a humble budding young artist…
    Please I would prefer I wasn’t mentioned …😁thanks for your time and hope your week is going well
    Kind regards

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