Kate’s Take on Motherhood

Nike Britomart owner Kate Eible talks with us about her incredible kids Kaya and Carlo and motherhood in 2016.


What’s the best thing about being a mother right now in 2016?
The ages of my kids. They’re at great ages for me to enjoy – they’re at school all day!

What’s your personal style like and how has it evolved much since becoming a mother?
Comfy and casual is my style. It’s easiest when you’re a mum.

What’s one fashion accessory or item you can’t live without?
Definitely a handbag. It’s got all my fave stuff in it. A total mess inside but contained mess. I also can’t live without my Apple watch!



What’s your morning ritual?
The gym and Starbucks coffee – so American, but it’s true. One after the other, and then I come home with coffee for my husband because I’m amazing. And sometimes I get treats for my boy from the supermarket.

What’s top your Mothers Day wish list this year?
Time without my kids [laughs]. Actually, a nice perfume or a Lumira candle!


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