A Glimpse of Summer With Kip & Co

Summer is slowly but surely on it’s way out in the southern hemisphere, but that didn’t stop us sitting down with Kate Heppell, founder of Kip & Co, to find out how her sunny days were spent…

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What is your favourite season?

Summer for sure. 

Kip & Co, Summer, Roadtrip, Holiday, Travel, Summer

Whats the best thing about Summer and why?  

The salt water!  I’d swim in the ocean all year round if I could.

Essentials for Summer getaways?

A few dresses, sunnies (I just got the new Sass & Bide Shinjuku), towel (my Kip & Co hamman) and a few pairs of Zulu and Zephyy togs.

Kip & Co, Summer, Roadtrip, Holiday, Travel, Summer

Describe a typical summer day for you..  

With little kids our summers are all about friends, family, home made icy poles and lots of time at the beach.

Favourite summer food and drink? 

I love oysters (and I mean love!!!) and any cold drink with lots of lime and delicious fruits.  I have also been making the most delicious smoothie each day with coconut cream, desiccated coconut, ice and a frozen banana (sometimes raw cacao nibs)!  All of us (hubby, kids and I) are just loving it.

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Whats songs are on the top of your summer playlist?  

I am all over the place with the music I love but there’s lots of Florence and the Machine, Angus & Julia Stone, Grouplove, The Holidays, Passion Pit, The Drums… sprinkled with the usual oldies from Fleetwood Mac, Sinead O’Connor and Daronda.

Ultimate relaxation for you is.. 

Hanging with my friends and family down the coast. With delicious food and lots of easy fun times.


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