First Look: Marble Basics

We took 5 minutes to chat with the sister design duo who are behind Marble Basics…

How would you describe the aesthetic and inspiration of your brand / new collection?
Bliss: Marble Basics focuses on functionality and simple geometric shapes in the beautiful raw material that is marble. We are inspired by rock formations and post-modern design, every piece has unique characteristics and always possesses elements of usability.

What are your hobbies?
Bliss: Both of us love to cook! We love the creativity of cooking, mixing flavours and colours, and then you get to eat it which is even better.

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Describe a typical day for you.
Bonnie: Bliss usually does a bit of exercise in the morning, and I do it at night. We start the day with emails, and process any orders that have come through overnight. Then we move onto designing new products and we will also construct our social media post for that day. Around lunchtime, we will take our dog, Dougy, an English Cocker Spaniel to the park. We use this time in the fresh air to clear our heads and talk about our agenda for that day, week, month or year.

What do you do to unwind after a busy day?
Bliss: Sometimes on a weeknight, we like to go for a casual dinner with friends to unwind. Or we might have dinner with family and watch something we have recorded on TV.
Superette Blog, Marble Basics, Homeware, New, Marble, Pot, Tray, Decor

Favourite food?
Bonnie: I don’t have a favourite food because its too hard to choose, there are too many things I like so I have to narrow down what I am going to eat by cuisine, I love sweet things though.
Bliss: I don’t have a favourite food, but I do particularly like breakfast

Favourite piece from your current collection?
Bliss: I love the Basic Step, it is so useful as a bookend, or doorstop and I love it as a beautiful sculptural piece.
Bonnie: My favourite piece is The Essential Box, you can use it for holding miscellaneous objects, tea, cotton wool in the bathroom, or you can use it as a pot for plants that require little drainage.
Superette Blog, Marble Basics, Homeware, New, Marble, Pot, Tray, Decor

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?
Bliss: We both have curly hair!

What is the last thing you googled?
Bliss: Wedding cakes! I am getting married in November.
Bonnie: I was just looking up a recipe for what to cook for dinner.


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