5 Minutes with…Almira from Lumira Candles


We took 5 minutes to chat with the gorgeous Almira Armstrong who is the woman behind our newest luxury candle brand Lumira.

Placing the highest value on quality, design and craftsmanship Lumina’s mission is to provide a means to enhance our day-to-day lives with a sense of comfort, luxury and olfactory escapism, no matter the location or occasion. Infused with the subtle scent and soft glow of a Lumira candle any space can be transformed into an idyllic sanctuary because, obviously, everything is better by candlelight.



My last purchase was…

A beautiful antique mirror.


If you could be qualified for any other occupation, what would it be?

A singer.  I just love the way it makes me feel!


Favourite iPad app?

There are so many, but based on usage it’s Instagram, no doubt!


Which book or song changed your life?

Say My Name by Holy Ghost!


Most treasured possession?

My MacBook Pro. Essential work/life utility!


The first thing you do in the morning?

Give both my boys a kiss!


I never let a week go by without…

My Saturday morning pilates class is sacred!


Have you ever worn sunglasses at night?

Ha ha ha. No.

My signature fragrance is…
Paradisium™ by Lumira



I keep in shape by…

Eating well and running around after my 2-year-old son. Otherwise, I try to hit at least one pilates and one functional training class each week.


What is the single greatest night of your life and why?

The night my son was born. Nothing will ever come close to the intensity of giving birth.


I’m currently reading…




What do you keep on your bedside table?

The latest book I am reading, a Lumira travel candle and my phone.


The piece of advice I would give my 15-year-old self is…

Live in the moment and truly enjoy life!

Lumira Shoe Stack

If you could be front row at any concert, who’s would it be?

St Lucia and Holy Ghost


What was the last thing you googled?

Workspace inspiration; moving into a new office in the next few weeks J


If i were a superhero I would be….

Wonder Woman


On a Sunday afternoon you will find me

Reading the papers and relaxing in the garden with my boys.



Almira Armstrong


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