Beauty Insider: Friend of Mine

In the start of our newest series Beauty Insider, we turn talk to on the subject of beauty as we pick the brains (and the beauty cabinet tricks) of our friends and designers and ask them to share a little of their wisdom. First up, Tesh and Teale, the two best friends behind the stylist and blogger’s favourite label, Friend of Mine divulge their best kept secrets. Take note!

Teale Talbot, designer, Friend of Mine


My Top Five Beauty favourites:

1. Tom Ford make-up especially the primer and foundation, it keeps your skin looking hydrated and dewy.

2. I use organic apple cider vinegar on my face instead of toner; it doesn’t smell so nice but gives you really clear skin.

3. I use organic coconut oil on my body and face at night – it clears up any skin allergies you may have.

4. Blondes only foil your roots not your ends, it keeps your hair healthy.

5.  I swear by Kerastase Shampoo and conditioner.

If you could dress anyone in the new collection, who would it be and why?

Kate Moss – she always has and always will be my icon.

Take us through your morning routine and how you kick start your working day…

I have a Berocca and pot of black coffee every morning when I wake up. I’m not alive until I have a pot of black coffee.

Letitia Mclean

Teale covered the beauty so…

My morning routine? I have just introduced some meditation to my hectic life – so my alarm goes off and I sit up  in bed (or in the backyard) meditating before the rest of the household rises and the school rush begins! The benefits from these few minutes at the start of the day are incredible.

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